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LISTEC is software technology company focused on laboratory automation and configurable interfacing tools. We deliver innovative, effective and cost efficient solutions and services to a wide range of customers in the life sciences and geo-chemical laboratory analysis fields..

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LIMS for Labs

LISTEC is specialized in Clinical Research Labs. Our tools and experience guarantee a full LIMS running in a few weeks.

Instrument Integration

Instrument interfacing is the heart of our system. We can connect any instrument to any production database or LIMS system.


Unlike other LIMS, whose complexity might require your lab to change its workflows, Online LIMS’ data model can be easily adapted to virtually any lab’s natural and logical workflow.


Lab Management System

LISTEC is a Lab management tool for assay reporting and overall lab management. It uses an intuitive job browser to quickly analyze and display the current lab workload.

LISTQ - Quality Control QA/QC

LISTQ is the Online LIMS Quality Assurance and Quality Control Module. Unlike other QC systems, LISTQ is an advanced interactive statistical module.


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